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as a director of nursing. she has said they are not going to be taking any more medicare patience. these people who depend on this are not going to be able to get what they need it. it will not work. i really thought romney hit all the points. i thought he laid out how he was going to do it. i think obama did not -- host: what do you do in akron? caller: i currently am on disability. it is because of a health problem. i know some people who are dependent on those payments are mostly obama supporters -- and i did vote for obama in the last election. but i hope to work a job in the future. host: being on disability, up what were your thoughts about the 47% comment that mitt romney made? caller: i kind of agree with what he said. i do not believe all of the 47% -- there are quite a few people who are just lazy and when the government to support them. i think he does have to focus on the people who are working, because they are people paying the taxes. it is their money being used for all these programs that are a waste of money. the people who are paying into the medicare system and the deficit is
is it more clear what they would do that in medicare. let me start by giving you a few specific examples. to make a examples. number one, they have laid out clearly, they say, that what barack obama and i did was we endangered medicare, that we stole money from medicare and we did this to get obamacare and all this. you see it in ads and everything they say. nothing could be further from the truth. everyone of you in this room who is on medicare or has a mother or father on medicare knows that since barack obama acted, your parents and those of you on medicare have more benefits than before. host: back to your calls on whether the vice presidential nominees will impact your vote? raymond is a democrat in waco, texas. caller: good morning. i want to make a comment on the medicare issue. i think americans should be very worried about mitt romney and paul ryan one thing to debate on that voucher. i have been to mexico. i am trying to understand what they are trying to do with that voucher. i think people should understand a voucher has a limited. if that limit of money runs out, especially
charged with fraud billing millions in medicare. 91 people including doctors, nurses and others were charged criminally after investigation of a medicare fraud. it was the government's second big trade in months after a similar investigation in may involving 452 million and possible fraud in medicare. the accusations include billing the government for unnecessary ambulance rides in california. writing prescriptions force patients in dallas that did not qualify. the investigation is part of an effort by the obama administration for health care savings. next is a call from florida, this is gerard. caller: thank you for taking my call. my call this morning -- [unintelligible] when you answer the question, about the role of the government, [unintelligible] they believe people can vote without an id. [unintelligible] i do not understand that. i need someone to explain that. host: thank you. from florida on a voter id. on twitter -- the government's role is to ensure that america is a nation of laws. were billionaire tax cheat sit next to mom welfare cheat, both broke the law. next is sean
, the senate, and the president to help people passed social security and medicare and food stamps. any port middle-class or working-class person that boats for a republican -- that votes for republicans -- this world would be back with it was in the 1930's. people to have the minimum wage. \ guest: that was very interesting laying out what is happening in this country. you raise the issue of the minimum wage. the democrats have not been pushing for that to be increased either. this is a very serious issue, the issue of a minimum wage of eight livable wage. -- oh a little -- of a liv able. i agree it is not a liberal media in this country. let's go back to the bombing of iraq in 2003. there was a report of the four nightly newscasts. in a two-week period, colin powell pushing for war in the u. n, it was the final nail in the coffin. he had been hesitant about the war. he was very credible when he came out and said i believe there are weapons of mass destruction. it did not turn out to be true. you look at these four major nightly newscasts and in that two-weeks, six weeks before the bombing
's happening in the medical sector, as far as medicare. i recently fell into the donut hole, so i understand it seriously. now i'm retired and on a fixed budget, so that's my first priority. i will be listening wednesday night. i have been listening ever since and republican convention and even before then. so i am very interested. host: what are you hoping to gain from watching? some idea -- i feel my president has grown in many areas as far as foreign affairs, which i don't know much about. but i think mr. romney has the ability to lead a company. when i was an heiress, there's the difference between a manager and a head nurse and a staff nurse. therefore, he has the ability to lead companies. but i think it takes a special person to lead the country. -- i was a nurse. host: we have a poll on our facebook page asking whether you plan to what the presidential debates tomorrow night. joe in atlanta, republican line. caller: how are you? yes, i am watching the debate. i want romney to ask a question of president obama about why mr. obama sent them to beat a black man in south st. louis in 200
up to higher levels of governments. when i heard the president when year ago put medicare and social security on the chopping block, and medicaid as a solution to the crisis, i said, we cannot allow this to go unchallenged. that is what actually brought me into the race. i got a involved to help recruit somebody that could run and represent the green party. and represent the solutions that the american people are clamoring for. in the process, when you join a recruiting committee, sometimes you get recruited yourself. going back, i became involved with the green party to start with about 10 years ago when as a doctor and a mother -- a medical doctor and a mother, i felt like things were unraveling around us. we really did not have a feature to provide for our children. in so many ways from the economy and the rise of epidemic disease, i began to work with our elected officials thinking that surely they would want to do the right thing. i felt like, we have real alternatives. i was working in the community to develop alternatives. for example, clean, renewable energy that saves lives
and obama making gains. president obama maintains a 20-point advantage over mitt romney on medicare and his signature healthcare law is more popular than it has been in years, according to a new survey. september's kaiser health tracking poll had mostly good news for obama, but this was tempered by one finding, that two in three seniors believe the healthcare law directly cuts medicare benefits. a frequent attack line from romney, the cuts claim points to the law's $716 billion in reductions to medicare provider payments. overall, the poll found that 45% of u.s. adults have a favorable view of the healthcare law, while 40% have an unfavorable view. and here's the front page of the "boston globe" this morning, this owe lit wary is in a lot of papers, but john silver, boston university leader, dies. his temp he is oust quarter century as president of boston university brought the school to new levels of academic excellence and financial stability while creating an atmosphere of conflict and controversy, and who, in 1990, came within 77,000 votes of becoming governor of massachusetts, died of
in congress. i want to know what his plans are for medicare. he has already stolen half of $1 trillion from that, which affects seniors. he has already taxed the middle- class. host: what would you ask mitt romney? caller: i am pretty sure i can see clearly what his plans are. he is going to help the small business to create jobs and work on the economy. i agree with what he wants to do. host: where are you calling from? caller: san antonio, texas. host: indiana, republican line, hello. caller: i would like to ask president obama y he thinks that it is not necessary to have a voter id for voting in this country when you need an identification for just about anything that is even minor, of minor importance, such as getting a checkbook, writing a check, getting a prescription filled, getting a library card. i would like to ask him that to his face. host: democratic line, albert. caller: i had a comment to make. last year our president came to visit us in kansas. to show you the kind of respect that republicans have for him, the governor here is a republican and our lady is a republican. they
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8